26 luglio 2013

How much do I support Arsenal? Enough to look for a valid reason to give Luis Suarez a chance…

As already stated a few days ago (and many other times in the past…) the idea of having Luis Suarez at the Club doesn’t really excite me.

It’s quite the opposite, to be honest.

Despite acknowledging his great qualities on the pitch, the wonder of him being involved in another scandal while playing for the Arsenal is too scary.
One simple gesture from the man who bites opponents and racially abuses other players on the pitch and the wonderful reputation built year after year would be ruined.

That’s too much of a gamble in my opinion.

Like many other supporters, I support the Club and not players/managers (well, with Arsène Wenger is a bit different…) as personnel comes and goes while the Club has been there before and will be there afterwards.
The reputation, behavior and image of the Arsenal comes first and is more important than anything else, there’s no way an individual could harm it in one way or another.
Having Luis Suarez on board brings the danger of being hit by a scandal too close and I already see what the media and opposite fans could build on a dive, a long ban or anything like that.

Despite the huge risk, I am ready to give Luis Suarez a chance – should he actually join the Arsenal: Arsène Wenger already proved to be a master in the art of dealing with bad temperaments (Tony Adams, Robin van Persie, Emmanuel Adebayor, Samir Nasri, Nicolas Anelka, William Gallas, Nicklas Bendtner are only a few names) and could make the best of the Uruguay striker’s skills while working on his behavior and attitude.
I agree with those saying that turning someone like Luis Suarez into a role model on and off the pitch could be a great achievement for Arsène Wenger, but still I am worried.

I spent time wondering why Arsène Wenger would want to bring Luis Suarez in – skills and goals aside – and I think that the main reason could be sending a message to fans and rivals.
We’ve been a selling Club in the past five years, richer Clubs used to come and get our best players year after year and there was nothing Arsène Wenger himself and the Club could have done.
That has generated anger, frustration and delusion among the supporters, with many of them raising questions about Club’s future plans and ambitions.

By spending big on Liverpool’s best player, I believe Arsène Wenger wants to prove that the scenario has changed, showing people out there that the Arsenal has decided to do things the right way (building a new stadium, paying the debts off) and accepted to pay the consequences by reducing their spending on transfers and wages for many years.

Knocking on Liverpool’s door – a Club which is supposed to rival the Arsenal for the top spots – and luring their best player away from Anfield could be the perfect move to set the tone.

Beyond the huge fee, the wages and the risks related to the presence of this kind of character in the team, the move planned by Arsène Wenger could be a masterpiece to boost the morale of the team and supporters, which could prove to be decisive to start a new era of successes.


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