23 luglio 2013

Please Arsène Wenger, anyone but Luis Suarez


I fully acknowledge the fact that Luis Suarez is a tremendous striker, a clinical finisher, an all-around attacking player able to create spaces and that his link-up play and movement are excellent.
I have never casted doubts over his ability and scoring record and I am 100% sure he would be a success at the Arsenal.
The following post is about Luis Suarez behavior, ethics and antics and how this doesn’t fit at all with the Arsenal.


This could be THE summer us Gooners, this could be the first time the Arsenal could spend big on transfers and we all could be on the brink of shutting up all the big mouths who used to joke about the greediness and stubbornness of our beloved Arsène Wenger.
One hour after the end of last season, high-profile names were already flying all over the place and four deals looked completed three weeks before the window actually opened: Marouane Fellaini (£25m from Everton), Julio Cesar from QPR (£2m plus huge wages), Stevan Jovetic (£22m from Fiorentina) and Gonzalo Higuain (£22m from Real Madrid).

No need to tell, none of them is an Arsenal player as per today.

In the meanwhile, PSG are spending insane money on Marquinhos, a 19yo defender with less than 100 games as a professional, and Edinson Cavani – who is expected to form a deadly partnership with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, shall the Swede stay in Paris; Monaco got Radamel Falcao, Joao Moutinho and James Rodriguez for almost £100m (fees only!) and the usual suspects Manchester City invested big on Jesus Navas, Alvaro Negredo, Stevan Jovetic and Fernandinho.
Unusually, both Chelsea and Manchester United remained quiet, the Mancunian missing out on Thiago Alcantara and the Blues on Radamel Falcao.
None complained, though, while Arsenal fans started moaning about Ivan Gazidis, Dick Law and Arsène Wenger being too lazy or too prudent while other Clubs opened their wallets.

Then, suddenly, a new rumor started to circulate around the net: Arsène Wenger is ready to spend up to £40m on a striker. His name? Luis Suarez!

Arsenal fans started to jubilate again as figures of the deal increased, from £30m to £35m to…£40m!
The idea of spending THAT big seems to excite the Gooners around the world, I strongly suspect that the excitement is due to the price of this transfer rather than Luis Suarez himself, for too many years we all suffered for the jokes about our (in)activity in the transfer market.

Would you really be so happy to welcome someone like Luis Suarez to the Arsenal?

He’s been suspended for BITING an opponent TWICE (once while at Ajax, once last year during Chelsea vs. Liverpool), he’s been banned for racial abuse and he’s been found guilty of diving and cheating several times both in the Eredivisie and the Premier League.

How can you be that excited to have such a character in the team? I am not.

I had doubts about Wayne Rooney, whose behavior looks angelical compared to the Uruguayan, it’s not hard to imagine how I’d feel if Luis Suarez joins the Club.

Don’t get it wrong, I want the Arsenal to succeed and I know you need top players to challenge for trophies, however I still put some values above winning titles.
Luis Suarez is exactly the kind of player who can wan you trophies but the price to pay looks definitely too high for me.

 The market is still full of excellent players whose antics would not affect the Arsenal’s reputation, why not going for someone else than Luis Suarez?
I am pretty sure that Arsène Wenger is working on other deals and is using the Liverpool striker as a smoke-screen, at least I hope so.

I must admit I would be hugely disappointed if we get Luis Suarez, even more if we get him at that price.

Please Arsène Wenger, anyone but not Luis Suarez!

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